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Recycle Program for all LINSAY products.


For Residents of Maine, Vermont, Rhode island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, West Virginia, Virginia, North Caroline, South Caroline, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, MIchigan, Wisconsin, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania,Texas, Utah, California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

LINSAY wil provide a free box to ship to us the device.

Note: Please before to ship the device be sure to have deleted all your personal files. To delete all the information in your Tablet please turn on the device click on icon settings and click back up and reset, here unclick backup my data and unclick automatic restore, click factory data reset and then click erase sd card and click reset tablet and later click erase everything. The tablet will delete all data and information and will restart like brand new.

How It Works in 3 Steps


1.-Call our LINSAY Toll Free at 1-855-LINSAYHELP or fill out the online form below. Once you contacted us within 1 business day you will receive a pre-paid UPS shipping label by email. 


2.-Once you receive your USPS shipping label by email, print it, package your old LINSAY in a box and attaches the USPS shipping label.

3.-Drop the package off at the nearest USPS drop off location or can call 1-855-LINSAYHELP to order for pickup at no charge. Once received, LINSAY will reuse or recycle your product in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations

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