How to Obtain Warranty Service

To obtain warranty service, contact LINSAY Technical Support via email at You must provide the model, serial number, receipt of online registration and date of purchase. LINSAY Technical Support is available from 10:00AM to 5:00PM EAST Time, Monday through Friday, Please note that holiday hours may vary. For up to date information, please visit .

LINSAY reserves the right to assess all warranty claims and to determine if defects or damages are covered by this limited warranty. In case of a claim that is not covered by this warranty, you will be contacted to determine whether LINSAY should repair the damage for a fee or whether the product should be returned to you as received by the service technician or service center.

Parts and service labor that are LINSAY's responsibility under this limited warranty will be provided without charge. All other service is at the customer's expense. LINSAY reserves the right to charge the customer for any service call for anything not covered by this limited warranty. Before you ask for warranty service, please review your User Manual. You may avoid a service call and a service charge.
Please refer to the reverse side of this page for additional information regarding how to obtain warranty service.