FAQ-Smart Watch

Download this application to works in conjunction with our Smart Watch:

For Android 6.0 and up the below link

 What is a Smart Watch?

A mobile device with a touch screen display, designed to be worn on the wrist. “The main benefit of a smart watch is that it keeps you constantly updated about News, Incoming Texts, Information, Calls, alarms, and most phone notifications in a second without having to whip out your Smartphone."

Why do I need a Smart watch?

•Receive and view notifications, messages or updates in real-time right on your smart watch display

•Keep track of time

•View updates or keep up with important meetings and tasks (select models and brands only)

•Listen to music or bump and grind (depends on the model)


Can I see videos on my LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch?

Absolutely, you can see videos that are on your phone while connected through Bluetooth. Or you can buy a SD CARD and save the videos there to later on watch on the watch.


Can the LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch take pictures?

Yes the smart watch has a built in camera of 2 MP to take pictures.


Is this watch compatible with Android 5.0?

Yes the LINSAY Executive EX-5L Smart watch is compatible with android 5.0 as well. To better take advantage of all the apps and notifications we enhance you to download from your phone a notification app such as Mediatek phone notification. Once installed on your phone you will have to search for the smart watch and then once synchronized you will have any incoming notification displayed on the watch. We are currently working on an update that will come shortly and won’t need this app shortly


Can the LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch remote control my phones camera to take a picture?

Yes the smart watch has the ability of doing so.


Can I listen to music on the LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch?

Absolutely as well! You can download music to an sd card and put it on your smart watch, or you can stream your phones music to it while connected to Bluetooth.


What should I do to fully synchronize my phone to receive notifications from my phone on LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch?

You must download BT Notification application


How do I download BT Notification application?

The easiest way to download BT Notifications app is open your phone browser and go to then hover on support and click on FAQ SMART WATCH then you will be provided with this link: please install the app and run.


Go to Settings - Restore Settings - Input Phone ( here input  0000 and click the check mark )


The BT NOTIFICATION APP app is not getting installed could I be doing something wrong?

All android phones have an option to install applications from a source outside than the play store, this is also useful when you do  a backup of your apps to your computer and you would like to restore them on your phone, you can just paste them anywhere on your android folders and install. Please make sure that unknown sources are enabled on the phone system settings. To do that please go to settings click on the general Tab, scroll down to security and make sure unknown sources has a check mark(meaning its enabled) also if you see an option that says verify apps make sure that one is unselected.

BE SURE TO HAVE on the BT NOTIFICATION - Accessibility settings click on that and on the botton service OFF. This must to be off to receive Messaging.


Can I put my phone’s MICRO SD Card to see videos or music on watch?

Yes the smart watch has a built in SLOT for SD cards up to 32 GB. However you don’t always need to do that because once you have the smart watch connected and synchronized to your phone you will be able to stream all multimedia content.


 Is the LINSAY EX-5L watch compatible with Android?

The EX-5L Executive Smart Watch is fully compatible with android devices.


How do I go back to main screen on LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch?

To go back to main screen you need to keep the screen pressed for around 2 seconds.


How do I go back to previous screen?

To go back to previous screen you need to swipe right.


How do I change theme on LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch?

To change theme all you need to do is go to Theme icon and select one of the pre installed theme then go back to main screen and new theme will be loaded.


Can I take videos from the LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch?

Yes the built in camera lets you do that.


Can I connect earphones to the LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch so I can hear my music?

The LINSAY new 2015 EX-5L Smart watch is capable of that. We have a bundled version of the watch that comes with compatible earphones to it.


Is the LINSAY EX-5L Watch compatible with IOS?

The watch has much compatibility with IOS however they are limited, you may take advantage of it by using it as a portable USB, you may stream your phones music on watch, you can call your contacts from watch, radio, you can view your phone gallery on the watch, and many more. However there are a few capabilities that we don’t warrant that will work and we remain working on an update for IOS Users.


Does the MICRO SD CARD come included with LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch?

No, Only in bundled versions, on most cases The SD Card is sold separately.    


I heard that the LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch has a speaker is that right and also does it sounds good?

The LINSAY EX-5L Smart watch comes with a very high quality Speaker that will blow you out as it almost sounds as loud as any phone speaker.


Does the LINSAY EX-5L Smart Watch has a stop watch if not can I download one?

The Smart watch has a built in STOP WATCH on the apps.


I want a watch that is able to track calories and my steps as I do exercise is the LINSAY EX-5L Watch able to do that?

Absolutely!! The LINSAY Smart watch is able to track calories and has a step counter app pre installed.


I read on the manual that this is a phone watch is that right? Is the LINSAY EX-5L Watch able to call someone?

Yes, the EX-5L Smart watch is able to do calls and also receive the calls your phone receives.


Most of the watches I have seen or used are too heavy and I would like something lighter. It would also be a perfect gift for my 10 year old son. Is the LINSAY EX-5L Watch heavy?

We were certainly thinking on this when the LINSAY EX-5L was created that’s why the slim design is only 22 OZ