The Perfect Micro SD Card for Android Tablets, Smartphones , Action Cameras, Extend Space in your Laptop, Drones, Game Consoles and Surveillance Camera. LINSAY SUPER PRO Micro SD Card transform the way you experience your mobile device with read speeds of up to 170MB/s for advanced photo capture and faster file transfer. LINSAY SUPER PRO video performance with V30 Speed lets you capture 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video without skipping frames. Your videos will meet today"s highest resolution standards and will look stunning on the latest 4K Ultra HD TV screens and monitors, making this the ideal card for your 4K Ultra HD video-enabled Smartphone, tablet or camera. It gives generous storage capacities mean you won"t run out of the memory you need to work, shoot and share high resolution videos and stills. This Micro SD Card comes with a convenient SD card adapter, so you can also capture and access data on the card with any device that has an SD card slot. You"ll be able to use your memory card with SD enabled cameras, camcorders, tablets, drones, surveillance camera and laptops. LINSAY SUPER PRO Micro SD Card is waterproof, shockproof, x-ray proof and temperature proof to protect your memories. Take your phone or tablet to the snow, to the pool or to the desert. Your card will survive, even if your device doesn"t.