Meet the NEW LINSAY SLP-1X Pool Party Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light Show which allows you to play all music as long as they are supported by other Bluetooth device or smartphone. The latest 3.1 Bluetooth technology guarantees uninterrupted music streaming from any device from up to 150ft outdoor and 60ft indoor. Its waterproof seal will fully protect the features of the LINSAY SLP-1X, even if it is splashed with water, it will not cause any type of damage to the speaker. It also comes with a 4000mah High Capacity Battery to support long working time 8 hours after full charge.




• Pool Party Bluetooth Stereo Speaker system

• Fully Waterproof

• LED Light Show

• Range: 150ft Outdoor, 60ft Indoor

• High Capacity Battery of 4000mah for long working time

• Weight: 1lb